The time has come to ban Rabbit meat farms


Once informed, the public will be in favour of a total ban on rabbit meat as they learn that this friendly and inquisitive animal, regarded by many as pets, is deprived of their basic rights to be free from pain and mental suffering while farmed in appalling conditions awaiting a brutal slaughter.

If you have arrived at this site, chances are that you are concerned and appalled at the situation those sentient beings are farmed.

There are a number of actions you can take today:

  1. Share the report you have just read. You can find it by clicking here.
  2. Inform the general public; this includes cafe owners, restaurateurs and even butchers by either sharing the report, or downloading our leaflet and letter.
  3. Email us the names of institutions which serve rabbit meat and we will contact them and send them a copy of the report. Contact us on:
  4. Join our main Facebook page @eversanctuaryberry to get informed of any new actions. Petitions are ongoing and will regularly change or be uploaded to reach different targets.
  5. Get in touch with Alex Greenwich MP who is trying to ban rabbit farms to show him your support by clicking here
  6. Voice your concern by registering your email with us to be called for action when we launch the next petition. We will not send you any junk emails. An email will ONLY be sent to you once a petition has been launched to give you the opportunity to become active in banning rabbit farms. To join the Call To Action list, register your email below and click “support”:
Ban Rabbit Meat Farms
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  • RSPCA:  call for a ban on rabbit meat farms
  • Alex Greenwich MP: call for a ban on rabbit meat farms