Living with Bunnies

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Living with rabbits

There is a massive misconception of the status of rabbits, in particular in Australia. This is largely due to the fact that they are classified as “pest animals” legally and culturally, not to mention that they are intensively farmed as food and fur animals.

As rabbits became popular pets, they were and still are largely kept alone in backyard hutches, where they are deprived of exercise and very often social contact, including other rabbits and humans.Luckily, there has been a major shift from the status of the rabbit from the backyard child’s pet, to the indoor family companion equal to the cat and dog.

Rabbits are not rodents as many people think. They are from the family Lagomorphs (Hare-Like). Rabbits are a highly intelligent species, who is aware of his surroundings, other nonhuman or human species. Rabbits initiate play and chase games with other rabbits as well as humans. They recognise other rabbits, as well as other animals and humans.

Rabbits can live an average lifespan of 8-12 years, making them a long term commitment just like a dog or cat.  For your rabbit’s health he/she needs to be de-sexed and vaccinated every year against the Calici virus. 80% of female rabbits will die of reproductive track cancer within the first 2 years of their lives if not desexed.

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The best thing for your bunny is to be inside interacting with you.  Bunnies can be litter trained and are loads of fun.  For more information click here for the house rabbit society’s extensive website


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