Bunny Alliance


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The Rabbit Alliance Front (RAF)
Uniting groups to expose and eliminate the rabbit exploitation industry

It is through collaborative work with animal protection groups that we aim to do our part in exposing the reality of the rabbit industry and make this information widely available.

The Rabbit Alliance Front is currently being built to represent a coalition of animal protection organizations working together to end the exploitation and killing of rabbits for meat and fur.

As the alliance grows, we will aim to achieve the following:

– inform the public about the substantial rabbit suffering caused by the meat, fur industries

– target rabbit meat consumers and the fashion industry to encourage available alternatives

– advance legislative actions to promote protection for rabbits and work against the use of “pest” to describe introduced specie

– advance the status of rabbits as companion animals and promote the house rabbit

– work nationally and internationally through joint or individual campaigns

If you are interested in joining our alliance or would like to collaborate with us please contact us